Questions and Answers


The Prices

The prices of the Products are indicated in DKK (Danish Krone) , and do not include shipping costs (postage, parcel packaging and handling based on the relevant amounts). For shipments within the European Union:
The price shown is inclusive of all taxes. These prices include Danish Tax on Value Added (25%). For shipments outside the EU: the price will be deducted 25% VAT which will be refunded to your credit card.
Then you will eventually pay in addition, possible customs duties and / or taxes upon delivery of the Products.
The prices of the products shown on the internet site are valid for as long as they remain online. Keep your invoice, as you will need it in case of an exchange or refund.

Shipping and Handling - When will my order arrive?

Once we have received your order, it can take 3 to 10 business days to reach you. Once your order is on its way to you, you will be notified through e-mail. If there are any problems, don't hesitate to contact us.

Customs Policies

We are shipping to customers all over the world and we do our best to make sure that you aren’t bothered by the import Customs of your country. But as you can imagine, the ingenuity of the Customs and Revenue is boundless. Naturally, STEENSSEN already complies with all laws and regulations of the destination country. If you live in the EU, then VAT is already paid – and you should not be charged once again. You can find STEENSSEN’s VAT number on your invoice.
However orders shipped into your country may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees. As the receiver of an international shipment you may be subject to such import taxes, customs duties and fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches to your country. These additional charges for customs clearance can only be fulfilled by you as the receiver. We have no control over these charges, nor can we predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for more information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.

Shipping Charges - Do I need to pay for shipping charges?

The handling and shipping fee for STEENSSEN products is from 50 DKK to 500 DKK depends on the total weight. We will contact you by e-mail if there is any special issue regarding shipment.

Returning Online Orders - I am not happy with my product, how can I return it and will I get a refund?

You have 14 days guaranteed period for you to return your purchase if you don’t want it. It should be returned unopened and in the original packaging.
Once we have received the product, you will be refunded the amounts for the returned items.

Note: The original shipping fees and return shipping fees are not refundable.
The returned items must be in their original state, accompanied by the copy of the invoice or packing slip. When you return goods they always travel at your responsibility as customer.

There is a defect in my product, what can I do?

Defective orders are of interest to us as it helps to improve the products or the packaging. On receipt of your product, you have to make sure that the products you receive match your order. Any claim has to be made within 14 days.
We cannot accept any claim made after a period of 14 days after receipt of the order.
The returned items must be in their original state, accompanied by the copy of the invoice or packing slip. When you return goods they always travel at your responsibility as customer. When we have received the product, we will send a new product to you as your requirement or credit the amount to your account for the returned items.

Returning Online Orders - unopened

Within the EU, you are entitled to return any purchase, unopened and in its original packaging and receive a full 100% discount. For products returned, please contact us and provide the following information:
Order number / Invoice number.
Your name and telephone number.
Reason to return.
Once confirmed, then a product returned information will be sent to you by e-mail.

Returning Online Orders - after hearing

The best place to try out a new audio system is in your own home. STEENSSEN offers you the possibility of experiencing your new purchase in your own surroundings.

We are very confident you will be impressed by your new purchase. If you really do not admire your new STEENSSEN purchase, despite your and our expectations, you may return it within 14 days, carefully repacked in the original protective packaging. You will be refunded 90% of the original purchase price excluding delivery costs.

The details are as follows:

1. Returned products must always be in the original packaging and including all cables and manuals.

2. The method of shipping is selected and paid by STEENSSEN.

3. A refund of 90% of our purchase price excluding shipping charges will be paid to you in 14 days if the product is undamaged and all the cables and contents are accounted for etc.

4. The refund is subjected to a mandatory shipping and handling fee of 500 kr.

5. This return service applies only in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

6. This generous service is valid for 14 days from the date of purchase.

7. First thing to do is to contact STEENSSEN Master by e-mail on the service-contact form in the site.

Payment Methods

We provide two ways for you to pay the purchases. You can transfer the amount manually or use credit / debit cards.
For manual payment, the bank information on the link below: For cards, we accept VISA, Master, American Express and more, you could see them from CHECK OUT.

Sound Advice - Position

All STEENSSEN sound centres are designed to give great 3D sound. That means that the sound has to flow freely from the sound centre in all directions. AIR is best mounted on a wall in a position that is under or above a tv screen. The best sound is however is achieved when the wing of AIR is about the same height at the ear of the listener. You can also buy a Table Stand for AIR. The stand is specially shaped acoustically like a musical instrument to give you the best performance. Using the AIR Table Stand, you can freely move AIR to where ever you wish without wall mounting. ACTION and TT Grand are best placed on furniture with normal surfaces like wood or plastic laminate. There is an air gap under these sound centres and that should be kept open. Similarly, they both play well on a hard floor. If you position them on carpet or a soft textile, the sound will be muffled to a certain extent. It is easy to place a tv screen on top of ACTION and TT Grand and they are easily strong enough for that weight.

Connecting to Your TV

The best way to connect your STEENSSEN sound centre to your tv is to use an Optical Cable. Optical Cables will give you the best sound quality. Most modern tv's have Optical Cable connectors. Connect the cable to your tv first and switch on the tv. You will see the optical signal from the tv as a red light at the end of the cable. This end, you connect to your STEENSSEN sound centre. Its as easy as that. Then select OPT on your STEENSSEN remote control. The display panel will show a white light in the OPT position. On some older types of tv you may find that the optical link does not work immediately. If you experience that, simply go into your tv's sound options and choose "PCM". The STEENSSEN Instructional Manual you have received also shows more detailed connection choices.

Controlling Your Sound

Keeping it Simple is one of STEENSSEN's main concepts. You can experience this first hand when you control your sound centre. You have a remote control in your hand and on the sound centre there is a bar with LED lights. The position of the LED lights is the same as the button positions on your remote. Your STEENSSEN Instruction Manual contains many of the details you need - but there are some tips from users that you might find useful. When you switch on, it will take about 12 seconds for computer to set itself for optimal quality. When you switch from mode to mode - such as from Bluetooth to OPT - the switch over takes 3 seconds. There are 30 steps in the volume control - and there are 7 LED lights that indicate the volume. Each time you press the volume button, the sound increases or decreases as you wish - and an LED light is shown for each 5 steps. For bass and treble there are 4 LED light levels. The LED in the centre is the neutral position. Your STEENSSEN is a unique brand in that you have these tone controls on the remote. Many users find that they adjust the tone controls frequently. Films, documentaries, streaming, tv news are all better with tone controls set to match your preferences and the room you are in. The small cross on the display bar on TT SE, ACTION and AIR is the infra-red window that your remote transmits to. Just aim for the cross. On TT the infra-red receiver is at the top of the display bar. Many users find that when they are listening to music at a low sound level, they like to increase the bass sound. Similarly when they play loud music, the bass can be reduced slightly to suit.

Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth is a great way of sending your music to the STEENSSEN Sound Centre without using cables. But the system in general has its limitations as you probably have experienced if you use Bluetooth regularly. The Bluetooth system only connects one device at a time. So if you are streaming from your tablet and also your mobile phone, you will have to choose one of them and close the other. If you still run into frustrations, we have built in some help. You can reset the STEENSSEN Bluetooth configuration simply be pressing the button for TV or OPT or AUX on the remote control - and the back again to Bluetooth. That resets the Bluetooth system in the computer.

When All Else Fails

As you probably appreciate, your STEENSSEN product does a lot of things that you previously needed a large stack of black boxes and miles of cable to achieve. There is a lot of innovative electronics built in and its all controlled by a pretty neat computer. But a computer is still only a computer even in these technological times. There may be an occasion when things seem not to function as you wish. If that occurs, simply switch off the power at the button on the back, pull out the power cable and then replace and switch on again. Restarting the power lets the computer reset itself. If you have several STEENSSEN Sound Centres, make sure you use the power supply which you received with each product. The actual power supply unit is used to tell the built-in computer how to control the amplifiers and loudspeakers. For example, the power supply for TT Grand gives different information than from an ACTION power supply. The difference can be heard.

Bluetooth - the music stops when I get a phone call while my mobile phone connecting STEENSSEN

In Bluetooth, STEENSSEN products are like a sound extension of whatever is the original source. So if its a mobile phone, any tones or signals coming in from the phone will appear somehow on the STEENSSEN speaker. Some phones just dampen the music a little while there is a ringing tone. Others are not so sophisticated.

Does the AIR SERIES also have a build in subwoofer?

Yes there is the same diameter of subwoofer in AIR as in ACTION.
However as the acoustic chamber has a smaller volume of AIR, the bass sound is not as pronounced as ACTION.

The subwoofer in AIR is firing backwards towards the wall or into the sonic reflective back-plate of the table stand. The reflex port on the front of AIR - at the middle - also projects bass resonance forwards.

What is ARSA 3D sound and how does it improve the quality of sound?

ARSA - Ambient Responsive Sonic Architecture is an acoustic system developed by STEENSSEN where the architecture of the internal structure of the cabinets and the array of driver units gives a time-lapse dispersal of the sound you are listening to so that you get a more natural surround effect when listening. ARSA also takes into account that you may be using a flat tv screen above the unit so that sound waves travel up behind the tv and reach your ears giving a deeper and more natural bass resonance. This intelligent ARSA engineering has been developed and tested by our team and sound design master Frederick Rickmann, the founder of STEENSSEN. The beauty of ARSA is that you get extremely effective 3D surround effect using our enhanced 2.1 stereo instead of the more complex and expensive multiple channels. If you screen a film or video recorded with multi channel sound you will find that our ARSA surround sound will delight you. The other advantage is that the ARSA format used by STEENSSEN gives you 3D surround effects no matter if the original music or film is recorded for multi-channels or not.

Some hi-fi products mention Dolby Atmos system, does STEENSSEN provide similar technology?

The Dolby Atmos system, which is common in cinemas and sophisticated home theatres, uses electronics and software programming to achieve the effect of 3D spaces. This is done by varying the time it takes for certain sounds to reach the listeners ears. (as well as rear positioned speakers)

In STEENSSEN ACTION and STEENSSEN TT GRAND a similar effect is achieved by the architecture of the internal structure of the cabinets and the array of driver units. This intelligent engineering has been developed and tested by our team and sound design master Frederick Rickmann, the founder of STEENSSEN.
The system is called, "ARSA - Ambient Responsive Sonic Architecture". The reason being that we can get extremely close to the surround effect using our enhanced 2.1 stereo instead of multiple channels. If you screen a film or video recorded in ATMOS you will find that our ARSA surround sound will delight you. The other advantage is that the ARSA format used by STEENSSEN gives you surround effects no matter if the original music or film is recorded for multi-channels or not.

Do STEENSSEN soundbars/soundplates support Airplay?

STEENSSEN products do not support Airplay 1 or 2. We have chosen this way as the Bluetooth module we use, gives excellent cordless connectivity from all types of device. Some customers also add a Chrome Cast via one of the HDMI ports for WiFi.

Jeg har skiftet min iPhone ud. Efter skiftet kan jeg ikke rigtig skrue op for lyden. Selvom jeg skruer helt op på telefonen og helt op på steenssen action kan man næsten ikke høre musikken. Men det er forbindelse og musikken spiller. Hvis jeg prøver med en ældre telefon er det ikke problem.

Tak for din kontakt til STEENSSEN og for din interesse i ACTION.
Det lyder meget som om, at du burde "unpair" din tidligere iphone fra Bluetooth før du starter igen med din nye iphone. Det lyder til, at dit problem er mellem de to iphones.
Dertil kan du vælge en anden knap på din STEENSSEN fjernstyring - f.eks tryk på OPT eller AUX - og så tilbage igen til Bluetooth. På den måde resætter du Bluetooth modulen i din ACTION.
Hvis det ikke hjælpe, kan du slukke for din ACTION, træk strømmen fra og genstarte ACTION igen. Det resætter ACTIONs indbyggede computer. Til slut, kan jeg nævne, at du har adgang til en hotline support på STEENSSENs Teknik Center. Ring 22 333 555

If I buy an extra power supply rated at 10W, STEENSSEN 2.0 BASE speakers will sound much better? What are the power supply connections?

STEENSSEN 2.0 BASE is a really well thought out product, even to the extent that you don't need a sophisticated power supply. Any power supply designed for recharging smart phones is ideal. 5W is sufficient to give you great sound.

The power supply connection is a standard USB port.

Taking power from a notebook's USB works, but not well enough. You only get about 1W.